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Santa Clara Animal Hospital Is Dangerous. Don't Go There

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11 September 2019

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Taking your adorable pet to a vet is not only difficult, painful and demanding but costly too. Having said that Santa Clara Animal Hospital is no exception either. First of all, their parking lot is way too small and the staff is not attentive and kind. I brought my dog and provided full, necessary records with all his medical backgrounds on the counter. I went there for an exam, a blood glucose test and a refill of his medicines. The doctor was agitated and said there was no need for his medical records, She even asked me to step to the opposite side of the exam table. She seemed unsure of how to deal with the treatment process of my dog. She examined him very roughly and did not bother to reply even when I showed my concerns while asking some questions. She wrapped him in a towel which was almost suffocating him and took him for the blood test. In the meantime, I went to the washroom. It seems they never clean the bathrooms and their hospital is stinky. When my dog got back, he was shaking and was dizzy enough to faint. I noticed it and asked her about the same. She said he’s just stressful after giving out some blood. He has had the blood glucose tested many times but never got this severe reaction. This test requires only a little prick in his toe. I suspected that she could not handle him, she probably hurt or scare him. Animals are very sensitive to such little things. I was so upset, I decided to walk out from there, In the middle of my way I realized that I had forgotten to take his medicines. He needs medicines twice a day without which it’s difficult for him to function. I explained all to the receptionist, she checks his chart and told me that medicines are not prescribed by the doctor. I told her that I visited the hospital for glucose tests and refills of medicines. I was told the doctor is busy and she will see me after an hour or so. I requested her to be quick as my dog was horrified and sitting alone in the car. I even told her to let me have a look at his medical chart but she refused to do so. I went back to my car and was shocked to see my dog had fainted, upon some investigation I found out that they had given him strong sedation before the blood glucose test just because the nurse could not control him. I was devastated but then again, they were not going to admit they did something terrible. So without wasting any time I took him to another vet. I decided not to pay the bill which was a great way to punish these greedy people. Santa Clara Animal Hospital likes money over pets, they have no experience in handling animals as it requires special care, love, and attention. Your lovely pet can never be safe in their hands.

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