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Beware of Sanjeev Astrology / Sanjeev’s Astrology

i was cheated of my money by so called astrologer sanjeev kumar. people plz plz plz beware of this man. he is a fake & a con. he will tell you that he is doing an astrology report for you, but in the end what you get is a computer generated list of do”s & dont”s. you then email the man & ask him the specific questions which you want answered but he avoids it & will not give you an answer. instead he will just suggest some remedies that you do. & these remedies he will say that he will carry them out on your behalf, together with a highly trained priest. he will phone you up in the middle of the night demanding the payment be done asap, but when you have any questions & try calling him or emailing him.. he will not respond, yet he is so quick to call for the money. in the end you end up with nothing… no prayer no nothing… just money wasted & your situation is no better off than it was in the beginning. & believe me i double checked this man & found out that he has infarct conned many other people also, so i was not the first victim. i feel pity for this man, because claiming to be an astrologer & talking about karma… he should know that the karma he is accumulating for himself will eventually catch him in the end. he may think nobody is watching… but the man above is always watching! so people plz don”t trust in astrologers, rather trust in god. & if you really must consult an astrologer sanjeev kumar, at least do it from a reputable site or organization. god bless. He has so many different website with same content Above are some of his websites check in google about his reviews Totally fraud scammer. Beware of him. complaint to UK, USA local police.


  1. Willetta Ficenec May 25, 2020
  2. Sun Trease May 25, 2020

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