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Ruined my newly-bought car

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05 November 2019

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I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a car from this place. The way these guys handle their customers, their orders and their cars, it’s pathetic. I strictly advise you to go someplace else. They ruined my newly-bought car in front of my eyes and didn’t even apologize for it let alone issuing me some compensation for the damage.
One of my colleagues told me about this showroom called Sandy Sansing BMW. Since I have this habit of searching the internet for reviews, I did the same with the place. The reviews were mixed. I looked for other dealerships nearby but because there were none, I decided to go to Sandy Sansing BMW.
The timing stated on the website was 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM but when I reached the place around 8, the gates were still closed. The place finally opened an hour later and the employees came another hour later. So, to sum it all up – I had to wait outside for two hours even after reaching the place at the stated time. I decided to put all the frustration behind me and I went in. I saw very few people and it seemed some more was yet to come. I approached a salesperson but I was told to go and find another one as he was not in the mood. Maybe he did not see me as a potential customer or perhaps for him I was just one of those people who came to simply look around.
I did not want to be rejected by another salesperson and thus I went directly to the manager of the place and told him my concern. I was assigned another salesperson and this one was a bit better. He showed me a bunch of cars but the only problem was that despite me telling him, he kept forgetting that I had the budget, He kept showing me the elitist models. After a while, I finally came across a car that checked all the options from my ‘must-have features’ list. I signed the important documents and even got a photo of mine clicked by a staff member. I was promised that the delivery of the car would take place within a week.
After one month of constant pestering, my car finally arrived. The car came on a truck and while unloading it, the truck driver started moving just after the car had was about to get down. Since there was only one person around, the car came crashing down to the ground and since the truck had high ground clearance, a substantial amount of damage was inflicted.
When I called the showroom, I was told that it was an ‘honest mistake’ and that they would not take responsibility for the damage.
So you see, this was my experience. Now, if you too want to pay a huge sum of money for a car just to get a damaged one in return, please go ahead and go to Sandy Sansing BMW.

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