Sandstone Husky

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Sandstone Husky | Mistreatment of Children in the Store

The Sandstone Gas Station is situated at the end of two elementary schools. I have often gone in there around after school time and the owner is unbelievably rude to the children. Now, I understand that it is a business and the owner is afraid of shoplifting and the amount of traffic from the children in the store. What I do not like is how she treats them like criminals and says it to their faces. She makes sure that an adult isn’t with them and then she asks them if they have money and to show her before proceeding into the store. I mentioned that she should talk to them with a little more respect and that I understand where she is coming from but as a parent I do not want my child treated like the dirt on the ground. It got really bad when I saw my nephew in the store and was scolded by the lady for no reason, so I approached and asked her what was going on, she told me that my nephew had stole something… I checked his pockets, his pants and shirt and backpack.. every place that I could think of. My nephew told me that he didn’t ever steal anything but that she always calls him a shoplifter but he has money to pay. Then, yesterday I got a call from my nephew’s friend’s dad saying that the lady had told him that my nephew was a shoplifter. I was not impressed because I have asked him if he stole anything and he is honest. The point is, even if my nephew was a shoplifter, she has no right to go around telling everyone. My nephew was there too and did not hear her say it, but I think that it is definitely not appropriate. He is an 8 year old boy that was getting a ride home from a friend. I thought it was just my nephew, but I have seen her say that to other people about a different child. I am very displeased with the way she treats children and if she didn’t like them coming in, she should have chosen a different location considering the two elementary schools have been there over 15 years before the husky was built.I have banned the store and have told the teachers at one of the elementary schools.

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