Sandra L Fuller, DDS

Unsafe environment for women!

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date published
12 September 2019

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Yuri Oliver

If you are resident of Greensboro, North Carolina you may have heard about one of the dental clinics which is Sandra L Fuller, DDS. I had a really terrible experience with this nonsensical dentist. She lacks basic manners and ethics. Sandra L Fuller, DDS had good ratings online so I decided to get an appointment with them but later on regretted my decision because the way I was treated there. Sandra L Fuller is notorious for treating her patients badly. I didn’t know about her bad reputation before I went there. I only came to know about the reality after I had become a victim of this sham.
Sandra L Fuller, DDS has one of the awful customer services who don’t know how to treat their patients, I called them to get my appointment booked and the guy on the other line was rude with me and showed me bad attitude and told me at first that they don’t have any slots available until the next 2 months. I mean who asks you to wait for 2 months for a dentist appointment do they only have one dentist available with them. Later on, the customer service guy asks me they would offer me an appointment if I am willing to pay extra cash to them. Sounds like a joke but they did this with me as I was facing extreme pain in my teeth I choose to agree with and decided to pay extra cash. At the appointed day I was welcomed by one of their rude front desk guy who does not know how to treat their patients, he talked rudely with me and told me to get seated in the waiting area. My appointment was scheduled at 9 am and it was 11 am now and was still waiting for the doctor. This is the worst experience I had with any of the business or company in my entire life, as I already had paid for my visit I cannot cancel it. At last, the doctor had some time left to check me up, he looked a nice guy until he starts treating me. He was unprofessional and don’t know how to make a patient comfortable, he was rough with me during the treatment and even made sexual advances towards me. I felt really unsafe in that room and I just wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. Seems like clinics like Sandra L Fuller, DDS are just keen to make money from their patients without ensuring their health and care. The doctor told me I needed to get some fillings done and for that, he scheduled me another visit to his office. I was lucky that in the meanwhile my family doctor got back in the town and I got a second opinion about it. He told me that there is nothing wrong with my teeth and it will be fine very soon. After this incident, I would not like to recommend it to anyone so stay away from it.

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