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Sandra J. Feuerstein

Sandra J. Feuerstein Eastern District of New York Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein Encouraged Mercedes-Benz Denial of Sir Izaac Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion New York!!. After experiencing a Mercedes-Benz CL55AMG’s airbag split the top/back of my head open against the moonroof after a tragic low-speed, high-acceleration head-on collision where I predicted that Mercedes-Benz does not account for acceleration when designing their deccelerometers that activate airbag and seatbelt systems and was the only one of four involved to break limbs for life, Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein encouraged Mercedes-Benz’ denial of Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion (F=ma) upon all frontal collisions. As I walked into the Courthouse alongside Mercedes-Benz’ attorney John A. Risi I said “You do realize Mercedes-Benz has you denying the very Law of Motion the entire auto industry is based on” John Risi replied “I know, but they pay me to say that so I do” when I concluded “I feel sorry for you and regardless of this hearing’s outcome I will perform an IIHS 40mph/40% overlap crash test using a Mercedes-Benz CL55amg at maximum vehicle acceleration and publish the results”. 20minutes later Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein disqualifed me as a Polytechnic Engineering University graduate making a simple reference to Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion defining the fact acceleration produces a force independent of Velocity (F=ma) published in 1687. What is alarming is the fact no jury will ever tolerate the world’s first auto manufacturer stating “Vehicle Torque or horsepower will not interfere whatsoever with a vehicle’s crash sensor’s ability to detect levels of decelaration associated with front crash events. (#24, Lawrence Fleming Decl.#11) The motive power of a vehicle (e.g., its ability to accelerate, its available horsepower, or its torque) does not affect the ability of crash sensors to cause deceleration in enough time to deploy the front air bags. Any competent engineer knows it is absurd to equate accelerations caused by vehicle engines with the crash pulses in head-on collisions. Plaintiff’s lay opinions to the contrary are unscientific and inadmissible. Indeed there is no evidence that the subject vehicle’s air bag did anythhing other than properly deploy.” 2 years as a pro-se plaintiff after Eric Seitelman, an NUMC-ICU Intern interrupted my awakening from a 30hr coma induced by Dr. Charles Ruotolo with an outrageous un-announced PTSD diagnosis attempt by Psych. Intern T. Shakir WITHOUT A DOCTOR’S REQUESTING AUTHORITY, Mercedes-Benz and Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein resorted to US-District Court Fraud to achieve case dismissal after a series of failures. What Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein demonstrated was the fact Germany’s inductrial might is owned by Jews and/or Israel as also demonstrated by Great Britain walking out of the European Union that Germany was attempting to control through Israel. It is why most Long Island Jewish population drives Mercedes-Benz for of course former slaves to such a company will eventually own it once freed. And in 2018 after I invited Mercedes-Benz’ CEO Stephen Cannon to a world’s first motive powered crash test, Mercedes-Benz stooped so low as to change their their historic CL and SL class names to the S-Coupe (short for Swine’s Coupe) and whatever they call the SL now. Mercedes-Benz also took advice straight out of my formal complaint and finally eliminiated their ineffective integrated seatbelts universally applied to all SL & CL vehicles. So if Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein and her sidekick Kathleen Tomlinson were legitimate, why is it that 5years after I published the results of this historic motive powered IIHS 40mph/40% frontal overlap alongside Mercedes-Benz’ fraudulent claim, they refuse to publish their existing constant velocity 40mph/40% IIHS crash test results? A cockroach is small enough to take the name-change and seatbelt change approach Mercedes-Benz did under Stephen Cannon & Dieter’s management. Yet Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein saw it morally fit to encourage such a courtroom disgrace against an Environmental Engineer with extensive process logic control background, who broke his left limbs against a Mercedes-Benz dashboard before a head impact without an airbag blessed me with meeting Jesus Christ. My first thought after I immediately pushed myself back to life to exit a burning vehicle was “F$%k the airbag has yet to deploy” when it picked my mangled body (2x broken left femur, 2x broken left forearm, deformed nose, lacerations on both knees and 10-staples to my occipital scalp) up by my head and threw it against the moonroof. This is after watching the driver, Don C. B brace outward for an airbag knowing he will be murdered. Mercedes-Benz also fraudulently claimed that my seatback was only bent by the rear seat passenger who flew up the middle and fractured his skull against the dashboard alongside me. Yet the photos show the bottom outboard side of my seat bent forward by 35-40 degrees. Mercedes-Benz also claimed that if the integrated seatbelt failed my seatback, only the top outboard corner will deform, not the bottom at the hinge point of this most simple cantilevered strucutre. The only thing worst than entering a hospital contaminated by documented fraud-rings (NUMC), is entering a courtroom contaminated by fraudulent Judges. These cockroaches undermine the definition of a civilized society and showed me why Israel continues to drive the U.S. into unsustainable debt while making sure the blood of all other nations always spills on their behalf as if entitled to commit murder and fraud at every level of a once civilized society.

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