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Samsung inc

Samsung inc Didn’t honor warranty Nationwide!!. Hello, I have been dealing with the Samsung for over 2 months. Each correspondence takes 7 to 10 days for a response, if I get one. I purchased the TV with a 1 year warranty from Amazon on 8/2/16, was shipped on 8/3/16 and arrived on 8/6/16. It malfunctioned on 7/24/16. I wasn’t sure if it was the TV or the cable service so I contacted the cable service to check out the connections before submitting a warranty claim. I didn’t want to file a claim if it wasn’t the TV. The cable company checked the connections, changed out cables and connectors and the TV was still malfunctioning. I was told it was the TV not the cable service. I submitted a claim 8/3/17, was told that Samsung honored the 1 year warranty from date of purchase, which was not explained to me prior to purchase. This first gentleman stated he was authorizing a 1 time over-ride and honor the 1 year warranty. I supplied him proof of the date of delivery, which satisfied his approval of the warranty. After running all their instructed diagnostics on the TV, which didn’t help, they authorized a repair service to come fix the TV or replace it or refund the money depending upon what they found out. Weeks went by with cancelled service appointments, numerous follow up phone calls then ensued which resulted in a final decision being made that they couldn’t find an authorized dealer to examine the TV and were sending it upper management for a decision of what model they would replace the TV with. Again, weeks went by and numerous follow-up phone calls for the status of my replacement. I received a phone call from Samsung that stated they decided they would now not honor the warranty because I was 1 day late in filing a warranty claim, even though I didn’t have the TV in my possession to use for 1 full year, and that Amazon played a part in using precious warranty time due to the delivery. I have not been able to speak with anyone that can help me with Samsung and I feel like I am being treated unfairly.

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