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Samsung Ecommerce

Samsung Ecommerce Samsung took my phone and nothing was wrong with it, and charged me full price for the new one. Nationwide!!. On Cyber Monday 2019 I ordered a phone (Note 8) from Samsung direct for $650. I sent my paid for perfect conditioned Note 5 phone to Samsung as a trade in. Before I sent it to Samsung I took my Note 5 & 8 phone to T-Mobile so the associate could transfer all my file to the new phone. That was very successful. I wrapped my Note 7 up with extra bubble wrap and sent my phone to Samsung by FedEx. A couple of weeks later I received a email stating that the phone was cracked and wouldn’t come on. So they charged me the full $950 for the phone and kept my Note 5 phone. I spoke to several customer service people which was time consuming and very frustrating because they could careless. I asked for pictures of my phone and the condition of the box they received it in. I was told the phone is gone. (whatever that means) I asked why didn’t they send my phone back to me, they said they don’t do that. I have proof that my phone was working fine before I sent it to them. When I tell you I will never ever ever ever purchase anything through Samsung directly again. They are the worst!!! And I will be sure to let anyone that will listen know about this experience. I have been buying Samsung product for over 13yrs. I purchase 2 phone every year. That’s about to change. They already lost two customer from my family because of how I was treated. They have switched over to IPhones. Because their customer service is excellent! Look out social media here I come!!!

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