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Sam's Pizza

Sam’s Pizza Sam’s Pizza and Subs Get Orders Wrong & Refuse Refunds Fredericksburg Virginia!!. I wanted to share my experience with Sam’s Pizza on Lafayette Blvd this past weekend. We always order a pizza with double meat and double cheese. The past few months, they have been delivering it with single. We always call and have them remake the pizza. This Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday) we called at 5 pm and placed the order. I even mentioned to the person taking order of the past problems, and was assured the pizza would be made correctly. When it was delivered, it was once again single meat and single cheese. I immediately called the store to have the pizza remade. The person on the phone said she could not help me. I asked to speak to the manager and was placed on hold. After a few minutes I was told the manager did not have time to speak to me. Of course, this meant I could either miss the kick off of the game or serve the pizza. The next day I went into the store and spoke to the owner with a sample of the incorrect order. He agreed the pizza was not made correctly and offered to remake it for me. Of course, I didn’t need a pizza then. I asked for my money back. He got belligerent with me and said I had to return the pizza to get my money back (which I had tried to do the night before). I then suggested he simply refund me for the toppings he charged me for and admitted he did not give me – he told me to leave his store. Just my 2 cents about poor quality control and poor customer service. We will be finding another pizza delivery place.

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