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Samantha Jae Glist RESF Real Estate

Samantha Jae Glist / RESF Real Estate RESF Real Estate Threatened my family to kick us out, and throw out our things while in the process of moving things in the Uhaul. Doral Florida!!. My family has had a horrible experience with Samantha Glist. She has been super rude and disrespectful with my husband. We were late on a rental payment and we were in the communication with the owner of the property directly and promised to pay them once we got paid and Samantha would jump in and threaten to kick us out, and told us that we have a week to move out. I have an infant and it’s not that easy to just pick up our things and go. She wasn’t understand of our situation, but the owner was and she would get in their head to be against us as well. We were up to date with the rental payment and had the month of February to find another place to move as our lease was ending at the end of that month. Samantha was secretly charging us late fees although the owner had approved our late payment and did not mention any late fees. Then the day we were moving which was February 28, we were already loading the Uhaul and she was already telling us to hurry up and if we don’t finish up that she will throw out our remaining things from the apartment which was unfair. The owner even told us to take our time and not to worry, but Samantha on the other hand was unprofessional and rude. She was telling us “She’s the one in charge” and all of this nonsense. We had to rush out and get everything out before she threw our things out. My daughter was sick and I was at the hospital all day so we were a little behind but having someone put pressure on us was very uncomfortable and I would never recommend her to anyone. On top of all of this, once we moved out, she doesn’t want to give us our security deposit and sent us fake invoices mentioning that she had to pay someone to paint the aparments (5 walls for $1,400) does not make sense at all and also wanted to count in the late fees, and a cleaning fee which was another fake invoice. We had already painted and clean the apartment. We most likely left a few things behind from all of the pressure she gave us in threatening us to leave didn’t give us time to look back to make sure everything was good to go. I also would like to add that my husband injured while we were living there as one of the tiles has a whole in our kid’s room and he hurt himself. We didn’t want to make this a big deal at the time but now we will since she wants to make this difficult for us. PLEASE EVERYONE DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND DO NOT WORK WITH THIS WOMAN. SHE IS UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, AND IF IT DOESN’T INVOLVE MONEY SHE WILL NOT HELP YOU.

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