Salt River Project [SRP]

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Salt River Project [SRP] Review

Salt River Project [SRP]

I wish to god someone would come along and give us another option. These guys are gangster. They were overcharging me a ton of money at one point at my old place, ended up owing them hundreds, and I am constantly having to babysit their little box. Make one mistake and your power will get cut off abruptly. They come along and totally suck money out of arizona in the summer it is like 10 dollars a day to cool my tiny apartment. Since switching over to their stupid mpower box I am constantly having to drive to pay centers and swipe cards, if not that then I will accidentally forget to pay, at which point they turn off your ability to pay with the app unless you call and ask for a superviser and have an awkward situation. They just suck. We need something else. 300 dollars a month for power is absurd!!! Give us options, stop doing everything in your power to prevent people from using solar. For gods sake someone come along and let us do business with someone other than srp. I hate srp. The fake-nice routine has got to stop. You guys are gangsters shutting peoples power off and giving us these stupid power boxes what a hassle. Screw this company you guys are too expensive, too gangster, we hate using your stupid new box that beeps at us when you need more money, please go away. Imagine a really bad credit card company that has the ability to turn off your power and spoil your families food at a moments notice. Thats these guys. My monthly powerbill is often a third the cost of my actual rent. Gangster.

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