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It’s been 2 years and I am still traumatized. I lost half of my hair (literally) during a root touch up highlighting service by a “master stylist”. Although the stylist definitely left the product in my hair longer than they were supposed to, the real issue here was their employee Anthony who not only sprayed product on my face as he was opening a shampoo package, he vigorously washed my freshly highlighted hair. As he was taking off the towel in front of the mirror he went to brush my hair and it was coming out in chunks. The scene was right out of a scary movie it felt surreal. I panicked and demanded he stop and call the manager. The woman who was the “manager” saw the panic and tears in my eyes and said nothing to reprimand the situation. No compassion. No action. Just attitude. There’s was another stylist who was very caring and tried to take charge of the situation and seemed genuinely concerned. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve continued hyperventilating. The owner was called and when he arrived, the first thing he said to me was “I left my children at home for this”. Are you kidding me? This is your business, bring them with you if you have to. He basically tried to turn the whole situation around on me saying that my hair was weak before this (his employees confirmed it wasn’t), that hair is like spaghetti, it breaks when it’s wet, let me dry it for you, you will see it wont break. Uh, half my hair is on the floor and since it was chemically treated and basically broken by your employees vigorous rubbing as he was washing the bleach out of my hair, ANY TIME, FOR YEARS I WILL BRUSH MY HAIR WITH MY FINGERS IT WILL BREAK AT THE SPOT WHERE IT WAS CHEMICALLY TREATED AND DESTROYED. Everyone knows, and I am sure everyone at his salon “was properly trained (his words), hair right after chemical treatment must be handled very gently to avoid any further damage. He tried his best to get me to come back to his salon and give them another chance. I told him if he went to get a tattoo and his arm got infected and skin died off he wouldn’t go back. But of course I accepted his gift certificate. What happened when I went back to make an appointment? The owner was there and he treated me with so much attitude and said that he tried to do so much to make me happy that day and all I did was make a scene. Make a scene? It’s been over 2 years and my hair has been breaking off. It will take me many more years to grow my hair and have the volume I once had BEFORE I stepped my door the second time at VERVE Salon. Absolutely careless stylists who treat you like another number I’m their day. Avoid at all cost if you value your hair.

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