Salmon Health and Retirement, Matt Salmon, Andrew Salmon

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Salmon Health and Retirement, Matt Salmon, Andrew Salmon

Salmon Health and Retirement, Matt Salmon, Andrew Salmon The Willows Beaumont Salmon adult day health Salmon private care options Whitney place Salmon VNA and Hospice Salmon centers Matt salmon Kate salmon Andrew salmon Treated my grandfather like garbage as do they do their workers Westborough MA!!. It would take too long to describe all of the horrible experiences I had visiting my grandfather in their facility. These are but a few. Having the television set to violent shows or upsetting news casts. Or worse, to whatever the staff are watching. Finding broken glass in your grandfatheru2019s room, asking for it to be cleaned up … and it taking 3 asks and 65 minutes later to do it. AND, finding pieces of broken glass after they clean it up. Having your grandfather sit in a stale urine smelling pad on his wheel chair, and it’s not his urine. Giving them the pad and asking for them to clean it and arriving the next day to him sitting on the same urine smelling pad. Having staff watching tv or talking among themselves and not engaging with the residents, even during dinnertime. I can go on and on. There are a few nice and well meaning staff, but there aren’t enough of them (too understaffed) to change the atmosphere in this place. Until decent people band together and demand better -I feel this is the future of most nursing homes as our population gets older and sicker. It’s disgusting to think about. Additionally they thought it was a joke to get my review on another site pulled down that because Iu2019m married to someone that works there that in my opinion gets treated like garbage, literally told by his director that he had to fight to get my husband a raise because the CFO was against it, was and is absurdity at its finest. They have one IT guy that deals with all the locations they have which are many. One director of IT. They like to throw away money it seems in my opinion, but not to the right individuals. So they had my review pulled on another site as conflict of interest. My grandfathers treatment there has zero to do with how my husband is treated. If they canu2019t staff more IT then youu2019ll see as I did in the nursing home they are also understaffed and overworked. They all look tired. Many of the workers in the home have attitudes. Do you think the salmon brothers care? They donu2019t rectify any complaint. I have complained. Find another place for your loved one because this place isnu2019t worth it in my humble opinion.

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