Salmon and Dulberg mediation

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Salmon and Dulberg mediation

Salmon and Dulberg mediation Michael GendenLawrence SchwartzLeon FirtelMark SchumacherRichard EadeRonald FriedmanLester LangerDavid TobinVictor Tobin Salmon and Dulberg mediation is a danger organization Miami Florida!!. Salmon and Dulberg is the antithesis of a company you would want to get involved with or expect for them to do anything ethically, lawfully and fairly. This firm consists of a group of crony judges and attorneys who have destroyed countless lives and preyed on countless families. As a group, they represented companies who stole your home in forclosures, stole your child in family court and turned them over to pedophiles and child molesters, kidnapped your parent in guardianship and abetted them being put to death by abuse, drugging and isolation. They defended each other when their cronies were sued for malpractice. They obstructed your justice and denied your due process. They took your money when you hired them as attorneys and sabotaged you and bilked you. The group of so called “mediators” at Salmon and Dulberg are a despicable bunch of exploiters, abusers and theives. This firm should be shut down by the state and every case they have handled should be investigated by the police. It would be madness for anyone to every think about hiring them.

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