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Salem Boys Auto

Salem Boys Auto Many complaints about this business Tempe Arizona!!. Mr. Salem has a radio show on Saturday mornings. He’s an affable gentleman who seems to be knowledgeable about auto repair so I thought about taking my car into his shop because I was having a knocking in my transmission when I would shift gears. I wanted to check his company out first so I went to He had quite a few favorable reviews so I thought this spoke well of his company. However, at the bottom of the reviews page I found an link to “reviews that are currently not recommended”. I read’s reasons as why they weren’t recommended. Many were because they were one-time reviews to only features reviews from people who have multiple reviews. So I started reading the “reviews that are currently not recommended”. There were dozens. These seemed to be legitimate people who had a one-time experience with this repair shop that were treated unfairly. I wondered if this were true of other businesses but this business has many more than any other business I scanned on It’s obvious the owner is doing damage control by trying to explain away why they gave poor service. I’ll let the reader of this review be the final judge by reading the responses but I will stay far away from this business by the sheer multitude of complaints. So I read reviews of this business on other review web sites and I see much of the same. People saying they were treated unfairly including the owner getting confused at situations and calling people liars when there was no evidence of them lying. Again I leave it up to the reader of this review to read the reviews of this business. You will find many unhappy customers. It will be up to you to decide if this many people can be unhappy with a service and have it all be their fault.

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