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Saissco Abed Al Momani Jordan Capp10 Hala Concerige Abed made us work and denied payment and kept the codes and everything and then blamed us that we scammed them. Amman Jordan!!. Abed Al Momani is a pro grade con man with very smart talking skills, He came to us long back and offered us a project, which we took over and with a late schedule on our end, we delivered the same. After delivering and payment completion he comes back and tells me that project dioesnt work, we said we checked and we checked now as well its fine, but he kept inisisting. Later he came with new work, which we refused to work due to this nature of complaining, but he pressured so we took the work and started doing it and then after finish we asked for payment, he refused saying that last project didnt work so he adjusts it with this project we said ok as we didnt wanted to loose a customer and we thought maybe there is something wrong. After that he made us work on 3 projects at the same time ,saying he has wired money and western union and none of them came yet whereas we gave him all work and codes and we have all proofs of codes sent to him and he using them. Please Beware of this scammer he has cheated a lot of other developers across the globe and he will continue to do so. His Details: Abed Al Momani Saissco, Amman, Jordan +962 7 9555 7890 | +962 7 9635 3794 [email protected] | [email protected] Project we did for him. AutoSouq He will scam you in plenty of ways just keep safe.

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