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Sagya Nieto

Sagya Nieto My Properties in Baja Remax Rosarito Beach I had to pay first last and 2x deposit to rent a home from this realtor. I never got my deposits back $800. They will make up a story to screw you. Tijuana, Baja California!!. I rented from this Realtor/Listing agent and paid first last and 2x deposit. I ended my lease and left the home in better condition than when I moved in Since then Ive been asking for my deposit back, its been 6 months now and they either dont take my calls or say that they will return my call and they never do. I feel that this is my only hope! Thank God for scam Scams. I will have to go to the PROFECO next (but I no longer live in Mexico so its a total inconvienance) and I dont even know if they will help Maybe its best to just go to the SAT (equivelant to the IRS in the US) and see if they are paying taxes on rents collected! Dont do business with these people they are a total scam!

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