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Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless Tracfone wireless Cancelled my uncles service without reason and no notification from us. Was told it was a computer glitch Miami Florida!!. In Dec 2019 my uncle did not receive his minutes. He is not only disabled he cannot read or write. I take care of all of his personal as well as financial things. He gave me his phone, I went online only to see that his account was cancelled. He uses this phone everyday I didn’t cancel it and he certainly didn’t either. I immediately called safelink and after too many automated questions I finally got a person who didn’t speak very good English. I explained the situation and was told he would have to re-enroll that the computer had a glitch and cancelled his account. They would send a letter for him to sign and turn his phone back on. It is Jan 10,2019 as of yet he did not receive a letter. I called again today finally got a person who again couldn’t speak good English and then she transferred me to yet another person who told me they were in South America. Again I explained everything gave them the old enrollment ID and the new one which when I go to says it doesn’t exist. She could not resend the letter she asked to fax it. I gave my home number which is connected to my printer/fax and then she told me it would take 5 business days to get the fax at which time I would have to re-send all of the enrollment qualifications which I had previously sent once again. I asked why this just couldn’t be re-instated and was told they couldn’t do that. She kept repeating the same stuff over and over again. When I asked what happens if I don’t get the fax in 5 days (because I’m certainly not going to trust them) I was told I would have to call again! I am so sick and tired of getting people in other countries who you can’t understand and don’t know what they are doing. I tried to search for a safelink corporate office hoping to find a supervisor or manager number of course that doesn’t exist. So he still doesn’t have a phone, I’m at the mercy of these people who’s only answer is to re-enroll and send in verification. 1/22/2018 I tried calling them again today and again received someone from the Philippines when asked if I could be transferred to Miami office or speak to a supervisor I was transferred once again. I am now currently on hold for customer service again when I was told I was getting transferred to a supervisor. Razil who claims she is supervisor and now supposedly she is now transferring me to the corporate office so she says. Once again I am on hold. Feider who claims hes from the corporate office in South America. This is pathetic. This gentleman also is hard to understand and when I ask him to repeat because I can’t understand he gets frustrated. Imagine how I feel! Now he is telling me he has to call me back because his system is down and has asked for my call back number saying he will call in an hour. The current time is 2:20 pm I should receive a call by 3:20 pm I have never received such poor customer service in my life. They never called back so I called them back and I am now speaking to Daniel who answered he was from the corporate office. So this agent tells me I need to buy minutes and that this phone is active however it’s been cancelled so I will have to buy minutes? Is this a scam? When I get upset he says he wants to transfer me to enrollment I said no thank you I have already done this numerous times. I then ask for a supervisor and he tells me as soon as his manager walks by he’ll have him/her speak to me. He doesn’t even know if his manager is male or female. So now I am on an open line waiting for probably another agent to get off the phone so he can transfer me to that agent. I am now beyond upset this is unacceptable people have safelink because they are low income and this guy wants me to buy minutes after this company is the one that cancelled this to begin with and did not give my uncle his minutes. I am going to leave a review regarding this company as soon as I am done typing this. This business has a great scam going for people with disabilities who don’t understand what is happening. Fortunate for my uncle he has me and I am no stranger to how customer service is supposed to work and I also know when I am being scammed. I have been on the line with this guy now for 30 minutes with him telling me every 30 seconds “I assure you ma’am I am just waiting for my manager to come this way. Thank you for your patience.” He probably thinks I’m going to hang up but that isn’t happening. How do these people get away with this?

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