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Safeguard Safety | Messy

I am a employee of the City of Red Deer. During the month of November and some days in December the company named Safeguard Safety was working on a project at the waste treatment plant. They were working on some sort of aluminum posts on the major roofs which was supposed to stop people from falling. There was one worker who was the one in charge. He did the major installments. They had another guy who would do all the ground work and cutting. They left to go home mid November and left a huge mess, I had to clean it all up. The room was destroyed with stains from spilled food on the counter and the exterior had equipment all over like a storm went by. They arrived the second time and I told the younger fellow about the mess he explained to me that he was told ‘focus on the job not the mess’. I approached the supervisor and he cursed at me. I talked to the younger guy once again and he told me that he has never seen such lack of respect for people and the workplace. I overheard the basic labourer ask about cleaning up at night when they couldnt see and he was cursed at. The last night they were there I was watching and the supervisor just took off. I saw the guy who was in the mid 20s wiping down the tables and was told to leave. I entered the worksite and it was a disaster, plus I did find a beer can on the floor. Unprofessional, no disreguard for the City’s workplace.

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