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Safe Home Security

Safe Home Security Contract continues even after death? Middletown CT!!. My father in law, god rest his soul, has passed away. He was not a wealthy man, nor flush with assets, rather quite the opposite, like the other 99%, in debt. He signed a contract for their security system and 3 weeks after the installed it, (2 weeks before x-mas) he passed away. He was not ill, so it was very unexpected. We have been trying to get them to close the account and terminate the service. They claim he signed a 6 year contract for services. When ever we get in touch with them, to discuss this, the first thing we hear is, “you must pay 90% of the contract before the account will be closed.” I have NOT once heard from them any condolances or kindness from them toward us in our time of grief. It’s “when are you going to pay us”? We have sent them a copy of the death certificate and they admit to recieving it, and do speak to us about the account, but will not close it or deactivate the system until they are paid. They continue to harras the widow for payment, for a system she will not use. She does not live in the home, and has not lived in the home for a very long time now. If this is how you treat the dead and grieving, I wouls hate to see how you treat actual customers.

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