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The worst $1200 I’ve ever spent

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18 September 2019

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Let me share my story with you and warn you as well, do not ever bring your children to Safari Children’s dentistry! The staff is unfriendly and is not trained enough to handle children. The theme of the clinic does give a safari feeling with tons of animal murals all around but that’s not enough to win your heart. I was hoping the reception area would offer some good entertainment like TV, games, storybooks, etc for children, but none was there to be found. The waiting room was small and crowded, moreover, it was not cleaned properly and I could see dirty stains all over sofas. The Doctor told me that my daughter needed a filling in 12 of her teeth. This was the first time I was dealing with this kind of treatment so I believed her without thinking twice. She wanted to do two sessions, means to say 6 teeth in each session, and both sessions would last for 30 mins each. The hygienist and dental assistant were not very skilfull, she gave my daughter a medication for sedation. When the doctor started the treatment my daughter suddenly started crying. She wasn’t even bothered to calm her down, I told her to take things slowly but she gave a sarcastic reply that other patients were also waiting for her. After finishing her first session which lasted for about 40 mins, she gave my daughter a break and left to see another patient. I was really worried when my daughter complained of nausea, I took her to the washroom and she vomited everything.
I was still double-minded, thinking about what needs to be done in such a situation, but she came back and gave me another shock! She said the treatment will take some more time as only 3 teeth were done yet. As my daughter was crying she suggested to put her into IV Sedation. Can you believe it? She wanted to risk my daughter’s life just because she was crying?! My daughter wasn’t even disrupting the treatment by kicking or moving around. These heartless people just wanted to grab another $1200 for the anaesthetist. I immediately decided to take my daughter away from such a gangster clinic, but guess what they still managed to take away the full payments along with $1200 for the IV we did not even opt for! While leaving the clinic I sarcastically told them to keep this money as a CHARITY which left these robbers fuming with anger.
The very next day I decided to take my daughter to another clinic and THANK GOD this dentist took only 1 hour and 15 mins to do the 6 fillings, 4 of which were not done properly in the previous clinic. I hope none of the parents faces what we had to face at Safari Children’s dentistry.

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