Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead New York

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Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead New York

Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead New York Sacred Heart Academy is a private catholic school in Long Island that mistreated my daughter and other girls regarding bullying and has threats of school shooting in the building that the public was not made aware of Hempstead New York!!. Parents beware of Administration at Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead New York on Long Island. Sacred Heart Academy is an all-girls preparatory school located on Cathedral Avenue, in Hempstead, New York, United States. This u201cCatholicu201d schoolu2019s motto represents itself with heart u201ccourageu201d u201ccompassionu201d and u201ccommitmentu201d. Let me tell you none of these terms represent this school. The administration is heartless, they are fake and pretend to u201ccareu201d for your daughters well being, but what they are most concerned about is their reputation in order to literally scam hard working parents out of their money for an average education. I can say most of the actual teachers are very good but are not informed by administrators of what is going on behind the scenes. This school tried to hide a threat of a school shooting that was threatened by one of their students on a bathroom wall and kept it secret from outsiders. The students were left to walk the halls alone and go into rooms unattended just a day after the threat. The student that wrote the threat was never identified. I assume they will find a scapegoat because that would be their MO, or the student will be protected somehow because of connections. Be VERY careful before spending the $10,000 a year to send your daughter here! Read reviews. The administration will make up their own rules and not abide by their own school handbook if your daughter has any academic issue or is being bullied. Iu2019ve seen first hand girls requested to be withdrawn in the middle of a school year and parents literally bullied by administration to withdraw their child or face a permanent mark on their transcripts. It is no wonder why this school does not defend the girls that get bullied although there is supposedly a zero tolerance for bullying. Itu2019s because the administration are bullies themselves. If your child is bullied expect your child to be blamed and requested to withdraw. That is how they deal with the victims that are bullied. They blame the one bullied. They get rid of the u201cproblemu201d. It is shocking how your child can be treated here. New student parents beware and be sure of what you are getting your child into. Do your research!

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