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RV Swapshop This consignment dealership rips off its consignees and misleads buyers in to paying to much for RV’s via a false “guarantee” and false information Florida Summerfield!!. The gentlemen who posted the original report, however illiterate he may seem, is telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have seen hundreds of people come to the RV Swapshop and allow Ivon to bring them down on their price well below what the unit is worth on the NADA guidelines. Then when a deal does come walking in to the shop he will call the consignee and try to bring them down in price even lower, when the offer of the potential buyer is sufficient to pay the price the consignee of the unit is looking for. Basically, Ivon wokrs both customers against one another, one from the sales persons desk that he is sitting at, then the owner of the unit from his office far away from the potential buyer. Very slick, with the ultimate goal of putting as much money as possible in his pocket with literally no concern for the consignee of the unit. He allows deals to constantly walk out the door over 500 or 1000 dollars over pure greed. If the consignees knew what his game was they most certainly not park their unit at the RV Swapshop. His minimum goal for profit on a travel trailer or a 5th wheel is 4-5k. His minimum profit on a motorhome is 5-10k. If he can’t make these numbers on a purchase he flat out won’t sell your unit. if you do bring it there, be prepared for it to sit there til he finds a sucker, or gets you the consignee to lower your asking price. He has done this for years and years and years people. Its no big secret. He will bring your unit in lower than you want, let it sit for months til he finds a sucker, then he will call you the consignee and get you to lower your price even more to line his pockets real nicely on your profit. That is the formula for greed ladies and gentlement. You don’t need to be Al Einstein to figure it out! Oh and very important, when you here this line come from Ivon, which you inevitably will if you do business there, know that you’ve just been had: “Remember who I am, I am your broker, I have no dog in this fight” So now you know where not to go to sell your unit, or buy one.

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