Rowe Interprise Inc.

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Rowe Interprise Inc.

Rowe Interprise Inc. REI Do not work or sign any contracts with company as they are Greedy Fraudsters. They will have you sign a contract to this pretty decent price list that they send out with their contracts & after you sign change the prices & your agreed upon 21% will turn into 46% Hampton Florida!!. I was contacted to be a Property Preservation Vendor for this company at a minimum of 21% their contract has a price list attached to it that has a list of all prices for any service you might provide, after signing the contract they began sending work orders that was well below the price list in the contract. The contract states that they would take 21% & their price list represents the minimum amounts, after further investigation of my invoices I began to notice that 46% was being deducted from all my completed work & when you ask about your money they will terminate you as a vendor & hold all your money. Their contract also states that they will pay you 10 day’s after they are paid by the client but you will never get paid because they will tell you that their clients never paid & pay you a small portion of what they owe you, just enough to keep gas in your equipment to do their work… Be aware of these scammers & if your already working for them check your invoices completely!!! At 46% your company will never survive because you spend all your money doing the work & they take half which make them almost a 50 50 partner with absolutely no liability

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