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Rowe Autobody

Rowe Autobody Rowe Auto Horrible Work Temple Hills Maryland!!. Whatever you do, AVOID THIS SHOP FOR AUTOBODY REPAIRS OR WORK OF ANY KIND. IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I paid Rowe Autobody 5K to repair my 2018 C300 Mercedes Benz, front end damage. They gave me the car back and its been overheating ever since, from the 1st day onward. By the time I drove it from the shop to my house three miles away the car overheated and spewed collant all over my driveway. The collant damaged the new paint and grill… From there it got worst, if you can imagine that… I had to argue with Mr. Rowe to assume responsibility – he finally changed the fan. Car still overheating. Then he changed the radiator. Still overheating. This continued for weeks.. into months… Last weekend, he changed out the top radiator hose, it too was cracked from the impact of the collison. Car still overheating – and now white smoke is coming out of the tail pipe. I think the head gasket is blown! So – let the buyer beware – what every ou do, DO NOT USE THIS SHOP FOR BODYWORK, AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES OF ANY KIND! MY NEXT STEP IS COURT!

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