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Route 6 Automall KIA

Route 6 Automall KIA RT 6 Automall Extreme price gouging and unethical treatment Swansea Massachusetts!!. I went in on a Sunday by myself to look into the Niro and ended up leasing it. Not even 24 hours later I realized the car was not for me and I wanted to work something out bc surely the paperwork had not been processed completely in that amount of time. I called and emailed and didn’t hear anything from the salesman I had worked with. Almost two days later and after emails and calls I finally received a call from the salesman saying there’s nothing he can do. And that was that. Furious and extremely upset I called and spoke to the sales manager. We set up a meeting for that evening. Long story short, I ended up putting even more money down and leased a Sportage. It is the most basic model. Small touch screen, no leather interior and no moon roof. I was shocked at the monthly payment but was informed that it was so high bc the payments from the Niro were being rolled into the Sportage. Reluctantly I moved forward with the lease. Flash forward I was still feeling uneasy about my experience there and didn’t feel right about it at all. I went to a local Jeep dealership and after appraising the Sportage they wanted to look at my Kia contracts bc they too knew something was off. Turns out I was the victim of price gauging and unethical treatment by Route Six Auto Mall. They priced the Sportage over $10,000 over the MSRP and never rolled the payoff amount of the Niro into the Sportage contract.I then went to the MA attorney general for help in mediating this. The MA attorney general recently informed me that after several calls, emails and letters we have yet to hear from Route Six Auto Mall. I’m at a standstill with this. I can’t cut ties with Kia and Now that they have my signature and money they’re clearly ok with ignoring me. I’ve paid almost $8,000 and yet my payment is still $420 a month. I have excellent credit as well. This makes me furious. I could be leasing a Cadillac with those numbers. I’m currently in talks with the Kia Customer service in hopes that they can at least help me lower my monthly payments. At this point that’s the least that I’m asking for. Bottom line is, if you’re a novice to the car industry and are looking to purchase or lease a vehicle learn from my massive mistake and STAY AWAY FROM ROUTE SIX AUTO MALL.

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