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They beat my kid

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22 September 2019

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I always wanted to learn martial arts but I was held down by official chores and had no time to get myself enrolled for learning the same. I tried learning but soon after a few days of continuous practice, I was laden with an extra amount of office chores. I couldn’t train myself properly throughout my middle age. I was old now and wasn’t able to achieve what I dreamt of, but I wanted my son to be good at martial art so that he could defend himself from any circumstances.
After getting suggestions about the Rounders MMA & Boxing and doing quite a good amount of research I decided to enrol my son to them. Their website was very well maintained and had every detail about every trainer and masters. I was very pleased with their presentation and made an appointment with them online. I was called the next day and after registering him to the boxing centre I was very happy and came back home. I started sending my son to them daily, it went all good for the first few days. One day it happened that my son couldn’t get up early and went in late to the class, he was sent off for not following their strict rule. It didn’t bother me much and I became more careful regarding punctuality. One another day it happened that my son came back late after the training was over, asking him the reason I came to know that he was given extra training by the master because he was not able to perform a certain move correctly. Therefore, as a punishment, he was held back late at night. This annoyed me but I decided to remain silent. One other day, my son came back and was crying the shit out, on asking him about the matter he told me about the brutality of the masters. They hit him so hard that certain parts over his body turned blue and was swelling. My son was crying out of pain and I couldn’t help.
I got very furious and went into the Rounders MMA & Boxing to talk to the master and the manager. The manager took the master’s side and didn’t accept his fault and the master told that my son was very weak and it was the only way to make him stronger. I told the manager about the rude behaviour of the master towards my child which had instilled fear in his mind and he doesn’t want to attend any more classes. The manager didn’t pay attention to my words and kept on talking on behalf of his trainers. This was very strange and I decided to get him out of the shit place. It was such a horrible experience with my son and I feel very sad for him. The pain on his legs remained for more than a week and it got better only after taking pain killers. I warn everybody to stay away from the Rounders MMA & Boxing. The manager, as well as the staff, are not good and they might beat up your child and injure them. Please stay away!

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