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I never suggest such kind of Dentist to any other person

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14 October 2019

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Today morning, while having breakfast suddenly, I heard a sound, and I was shocked to see that one of my teeth has broken. Since it is paining a lot, I could not continue working.
So, I booked an appointment with a nearby dentist Rose Dental  and rushed there. In this rush, I forgot to take my previous health documents, as they were at home and am going directly from work.
The doctor there instead of treating my tooth first started giving me a lecture on how we should take care of oral hygiene, what all we should eat, what all we should avoid and many more things.
I was shocked to see him talking, more than my dental treatment. Staff came to me and asked about my documents. Since I forgot at home, I told them I was so tired that I could not make it back home to get the records.
But they did not listen to me and directly said to me that no appointment could be made without the papers. So, I had to run to the home, to get the documents to get my treatment done. After this hectic schedule, I was tired to such an extent that I almost fainted.
I know the importance of documents, but I feel they should accept digital documents so that in emergency cases, it would help the patients and doctors too.
I don’t think they are professionals because the way they made me rush back and the way they spoke to me are harsh. They should have understood the pain I was facing.
I never suggest such kind of Dentist to any other person. The words they used were also very rash, and it really hurt me, so I decided to go to another dentist, took my documents and just walked out

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