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Roscoe Properties

Roscoe Properties Jason Berkowitz, One Eighty Construction This is a fraction of my experience: LIES, DISHONESTY, MANIPULATION, NEGLIGENCE, ENTITLEMENT, FILTH, MOLD, MORE MOLD, ROACHES, & SO MUCH MORE San Antonio Texas!!. I’m a wordy person, yet I can’t find a polite word.. I hear, read, feel other peoples stories so similar to mine and my heart breaks. My heart breaks because of their anger for trusting a business to run ethically and trusting that they’d provide them with a habitable living space, a reasonably simple legal obligation. My heart breaks to read their desperation.. feeling “trapped.” My heart breaks for the betrayal they feel and possibly shame for “making the worst decision” of their lives. I realize I have to separate my heart and feelings when dealing with Roscoe Properties employees. I stick to the facts, document everything, inform myself of anything and everything I feel I need to know, my rights, my right to exercise my rights… even though I stated elsewhere that I was not afraid of retaliation for sharing my experience & shortly after recieved a call from the property manager who signs on behalf of Jason Berkowitz and rarely if ever calls or answers the phone, stating “we’re not in the business of retalition.” Condecension, party for one? or is this a patronizing phone call dressed up with sincerity and how my “happiness” is her top priority. Are you sure? Would you like to get married, too? or would you prefer to just be honest with me? Up to you. I can hold my own in the field of sarcasm, but I choose not to. I have wiser wit than petty sarcasm. If I chose to live a life and “make a living” by lying to people… I guess, I’d take acting lessons and be a really good liar, but that’s not the case here. These lies are blatant and clear. The manipulation is sort of un-real. The bullying is not fair to anyone. I’m not a bully, but I don’t take to it well. I understand it’s consequences, the harm it has done, the danger it creates and continous to cause, the lives lost over what was thought to be a “simple joke” or maybe just a means to survive in a world full of corporate greed. My eyes feel like they’re bleeding and my fingers like they’re going to fall off. In not so short: Am I the only one that finds it semi-bizarre, semi-hilarious, and sad, quite frankly, that this girl applauded the maintenance guy for “removing” mold from her air filter (not A/C vent) after just moving in? Case in point. Just when I thought my backbone was broken and my soul exhausted my heart broke again after reading this young girl’s 5 star review of #TheBeverlyApartments // under the guise of Roscoe Properties, but in reality a separate legal entity, likely because of the liability, but I can’t say why they sell it under a name that it is not legally under, but hey.. same owner, divide the problems. However, Roscoe Properties are mostly new, amenity-packed, overpriced apartments that are about the size of a closet.. maybe a bathroom: $1885 (not including utilities) for a 1 bedroom 347 sqare ft apartment in San Antonio, Texas!?! This is a joke, right.. like haha?

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