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ROOMSTOGO FRAUDULENT, LIARS, CHEAP, TERRIBLE SERVICE, BAD PEOPLE Doral Florida!!. Fraud, corporate-first, customer-second, complete scam, will never believe their fake advertisements, the same as fake news media. I paid over $4,000.00 for furniture to be delivered at my apartment and even after reserving the elevators, waiting for them downstairs, having spoken to the delivery company hired by Roomstogo, I was told that the delivery people left because I wasn’t at my apartment. This is so untrue. Who knows what happened to the delivery people?! Roomstogo, instead of helping the client get their benefit of the bargain, by getting a refund or having the delivery done “again”, they instead alleged that the furniture is considered delivered unless they have the furniture back in their warehouse, that I would not get a refund until all of the furniture has been returned. Essentially, ROOMSTOGO does not care about their customers – they only care about money and enjoy the habit of being unjustly enriched – ripping and deceiving the public. As of today, I have been denied a refund and essentially, the burden of proof had been placed against the customer – while they get to keep over $4,000 dollars, I’m at my home without any furniture or anywhere to sit. Fraud, fake ads, and misrepresentations, putting the customer last, basically summarizes ROOMSTOGO. I will contact my local government officials to advise them of fraud that ROOMSTOGO has committed. As stated, I paid over $4,000 dollars in furniture, i waited for over two weeks for my furniture, spoke with the condo management and paid them $550 for elevator reservations, stayed in the lobby waiting for them, spoke to Roomstogo and their delivery agents, all the while I waited for my furniture, and yet I was lied to when delivery could not be made, I was told that I was not there, I was denied a refund, and I’ve had to file multiple claims to maybe get a partial refund. On top of that, they said that they could not refund the delivery charge- what delivery charge if I never got anything? Well, that’s ROOMSTOGO – they rip you off, lie, covering their asses, and delegating downward to people that don’t even know what day it is. ROOMSTOGO will soon become bankrupted if they continue to use these fraudulent and deceitful tactics – they don’t deserve to profit from poor people that buy into they fake ads. Plus, most of their furniture is of poor quality made in third world countries.

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