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02 September 2019

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Dreams are what fuel our ambition. Dreams are not the visions that we have while sleeping, they are the foreseeable visions that do not let us sleep. They make us work hard in order to achieve certain goals. I, being a sports bike enthusiast since my teenage years, I had a dream of owning a magnificent sports bike one day. I cannot even state the amount of hard work I had to put in to finally fulfil my dream. It was not only about buying a bike and be done with it. The special attachment I had with my bike was more fulfilling than the bike itself. After years of hard work, I finally purchased a Kawasaki. I can not put that feeling into words when I was handed the key of that lean-mean machine. At that moment, I realized that no matter what happens, I would never part with the bike. The ownership will be for life.
I toured around the country on my bike and had countless memories. It was as if the bike had almost become a part of me but as we know, life is unpredictable. One day, in the middle of a journey back home, the bike stopped running after a loud noise. My heart skipped a beat and even before going home, I went to the mechanic with my bike. After checking it thoroughly, the mechanic told me that there is a problem with the starter motor and that it would need a replacement. I went home and the very next day, I went to the Kawasaki Service Center. To add to the misery, I was told that the part was not available.
I went back home and started searching for the parts online and to my surprise, I found it online on ‘Ronnie’s Mail Order’. Although the price was higher than the estimate they told me earlier, I did not want to delay the repair. I called the customer care and I was assured of the authenticity and quality of the products. I inquired about the time it would take for the order to be delivered and I was told one week. I ordered all the required parts and waited patiently. Weeks passed and there was still no sign of the parts. I called the customer care but they did not respond. Finally, after a month my order arrived. I was charged shipping despite the order being an expensive one. When I took over the parts to my mechanic, he took a look and told me that they were not authentic parts. I asked him to try installing them as I was also not sure of the quality of the product as well. After the installation, the parts damaged the engine and it couldn’t even start.
The bike is still kept inside my garage and it has been long since that happened. I am now waiting for Kawasaki to bring in those parts at the service centre so that I can get my Kawasaki up and running again.
About Ronnie’s Mail Order? I was denied the refund and was asked not to disturb them again. I would recommend no one to buy even a single part from this place as there is no authenticity and the quality of the products is worse than local parts.

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