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Ron Bushey Auto Repair

Ron Bushey Auto Repair engine destroyed Essex Junction Vermont!!. Ron’s garage changed my oil, but did not insert the o-ring that comes with the filter I provided. This blew oil all over the serpentine belt. I changed the filter myself and inserted the missing o-ring. I went back to them, explained the situation and requested they change the oil-soaked belt belt. They could not accommodate me for several days, despite their mistake. As I drove less than two miles to another garage, the serpentine belt broke, wrapped around the shaft, got sucked through the the front seal, filled the engine with rubber, and destroyed the engine. $7,000 for a rebuild; $10,000 for a new one. Car totaled with two payments left. Thanks Ron Bushey auto! And the first time I went there was to change the Mass Airflow Sensor. The mechanic followed through with a wrench and broke off another sensor (I forget which one). They did not charge me for service, but refused to give my the car back until I paid $170 for the sensor that they broke. I should have known better than to return to them. I’d say their performance is consistently sloppy. When a garage can’t properly change your oil, they can’t be trusted for more complicated jobs, like rolling down the window or making a sandwich. And charging for their own mistakes is just crooked.

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