ROGER FRANCO HARD CASH USA and Luxury Lifestyles

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ROGER FRANCO HARD CASH USA and Luxury Lifestyles

ROGER FRANCO HARD CASH USA and Luxury Lifestyles Rogelio Franco Rogelio Lara Roger Franco Roger Lara Luxury Lifestyles ROGER FRANCO HARD CASH USA Rogelio Franco Rogelio LaraRoger FrancoRoger Lara scammed my commission and wrote me a bad 2k check las vegas nevada!!. I am writing this from the LA County Sheeriff Dept. I learned with time that Roger is a pathological liar and a poor con man. I sent many deals to him at Hard Cash USA to help fund for my clients. I have a signed working agreement with Roger that stipulates complete transparency. I learned that he is very dishonest and a compulsive pathological liar. On our first deal together he kept me in the dark and ultimately lied about the commission received and how it was received. He indicated it was mailed when it was not. He also indicated there was a long 10 day hold which was also a lie. I learned all this from the lender, after i did my research. Roger said to me he was depositing a bank check into my account in the amount of 2k. This ended up being another lie. It was a fraudulent business check that bounced from a company called Luxury Lifestyles.. I am filing a police report against him now. Another client of mine is also filing charges against Roger Franco this week for collecting $1,200 dollars in cash to supposedly expedite an Appraisal that was never really needed. On top of everything else Roger Franco continued to lie to my client for weeks telling him the appraisal is being sent everyday. Unfortunately my client was also burned by this unscrupulous lack of of integrity man named Roger Franco. This appraisal was never made or delivered…. When he lies he tends to repeat himself and stops answering his phone. Very typical…… He is ESL( English as a 2nd language) with a low IQ. Speaks with a very limmited vocabulary. Stay away from this scumbag. We are filing charges!

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