Rodney O' SUllivan

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Rodney O' SUllivan

Rodney O’ SUllivan Builder in Spartanburg. Hired him to build a property to specs. Not only did he screw up everythig from the original framing he took off with $180,000 that Regions Bank released to him without checking stage of construction. WE LIITIGATED and we placed a whopping $25,000 lien after being forced to mediate. Excuses were : I had to put my kid through college . This $25,000 was a fraction of what was taken from us and barely enough to pay lawyers. Afterwards we were forced to try to finish this home with another builder only to discover that the electrical which was done by his brother or family was run next to the shower and never capped. Amazing how this person even has a license. We are still upside down on this home over 100k and have been forced since inception to take a hit in relation to the rent vs. cost factor. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN AND maybe rethink your banking and construction and remodeling choices. Took a draw on a home for 180,000. Took off with money to use for personal use leaving us 100k short on a home he was contracted to build. Spartanburg South Carolina!!. Rodney O SUllivan took 180k draw from Regions bank and Regions never checked the stage . The home was about 100k short because this man took our money and used it to put his kid through college. AFter suing him and being forced to mediate we wound up getting a lien for 25k which was barely enough to pay the legal fees. This man should not be dealing with the public and taking jobs and money as he can and will leave you without options. Further compounding this the electrical was run next to the shower without capping and work done by his family as well. HOme is still 100k upside down and we hasve been forced to rent this at a large loss after having another builder finish the home. You will save yourself a lot of heartache by avoiding this person who calls himself a contractor builder.

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