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They are so negligent and unprofessional

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14 October 2019

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Rocket loans  for the same purpose. My father told us that they offer the best policies ever. So, we thought to give it a try, and we approached them
Their senior received us and made us sit in a room. We waited for more than 5 hours to get the initial details. Whenever we ask them, they say we would be the next. They posed as if they were busy with other clients, which was fake. Finally, we found out that there were not more than one or two clients who could have been cleared in a matter of one hour.
The policies they gave were having mini complications, so we thought of opting a policy with zero complications. The guidance was also not proper. They did not even consider the requirements we gave them at the time of our form filling, then why did we do it was my primary question.
Finally, we got very much irritated by their behavior. They were so negligent, and that made us more irritating. Whatever details we ask they told us to search over net and for searching over the internet we need not travel so much to meet them, and we need not wait for for the so-called appointment.
Finally, we decided not to take there, and we got out. I do not understand how people can be so negligent with their clients. They were very rash in their behavior, with almost all the people there. Whatever doubt we ask, they say that they are very simple and yet we are unable to understand. Our primary concern was not at all, followed by them, yet they suggested some misguided policies and tried to force us.

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