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Robert Tantalo, President

Robert Tantalo, President Robert Tantalo, CEO They did not fulfill what they offered when they sold me the vacation package Charlotte North Carolina!!. On April 14, 2014, I stupidly put my trust in a telemarketer offering a vacation package, I paid $399. When I was called to participate in this travel program, I was assured that I could travel or cruise whenever I chose to. This turned out to be Not True- calendars were practically all blacked out. It is very difficult to accommodate travel dates based on our schedule. They had very limited dates available. When I was initially called, I was told I could even choose a cruise to Alaska and that the cruises were all-inclusive and leaving from NYC- Not True. I was also told I could cruise to the Carribean from New York also, but when I called to schedule a cruise, I was then informed that I would have to fly to a port from a different state, not New York. Then, to boot, the calendar I was sent for cruise travel was practically all blacked out.At that time, a young lady by the name of Courtney was hardly keeping up with the phone calls, and you had to leave your message and wait for her to get back to you. She finally called and informed me that they were Switching Cruise Companies and that She Would Send me the New Information including cruise options and itineraries, etc. That Never Happened. Later on, another girl was helping out, but it was obvious they could not keep up with the workload. Finally, no matter how many times you reached out, there was no one available to respond, much less return your calls. Towards the end of my patience, a lady called asking me to reach out to her. I called her several times, but I never heard from her again. Then a young man by the name of Chris called and left a message telling me to call him for assistance. He also disappeared from the face of the earth.Tell me, please-Is this any way to run a business?!Then comes the issue of returning deposits for participating in timeshare tours, which was not mentioned at the time of sale. I was charged a ‘fully refundable’ deposit of $50 for my first stay. Now, where’s my refundable deposit for the first and only trip I took? I never got to take the Second, much less a Third trip. I had called and canceled the second stay due to personal family issues during last year’s hurricanes. No one at 2FreeNites followed up and later I received a call from the vacation site with instructions for the timeshare tour. I told them that I clearly canceled the trip weeks before. So they accepted my response and I thought that was the end of it. No. The cruise that I initially scheduled to the Caribbean I also canceled because I would have to leave from Maryland and my relatives did not want to travel there. When I complained to the BBB, the CEO of 2FreeNites claimed that I not only took 2 trips but that I also took the cruise for 4 that was included in the package. Mr. Tantalo also claimed that I always’had access to travel from NYC ports and that I could travel on any dates I chose- LIES!!! The customer service with this ‘vacation’ company is ‘forget-about-it’. They don’t return calls and you would be lucky if anyone ever picks up the phone. Now they claim they never charged me the refundable $50 deposit for attending a timeshare tour. I Have Bank Statements To Prove This and still they deny! .I firmly request a refund for $399.00 paid for this so-called “vacation package’. Plus my timeshare tour #2190676 refund for $50.00.(I have receipts for all these transactions)A total refund of $449.00 fromRobert Tantalo, President2FreeNites.com877-839-68845300 Old Pineville RD 104Charlotte, NC 28217No One Seems To Be Able To Help Me Now. This is so unfair it’s ridiculous!

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