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Robert Innovation solutions

Robert Innovation solutions They have lied and gave me a misleading information just to make a sale. Brookfield Wisconsin!!. This company is a complete scam. They will use you to say all the right words to get an account, but once you land an account and have them sign the lease aggreement you are on your own. I have 2 accounts that I have sold the equipment to and they are both are having the same issue and this company Platinum one is blaming me for all the problems that they are facing with my clients. They are lying to my clients about me . One of my clients was given an equipment that they have not order. they have given them a different one than what they have discussed in the presentation. as soon as that equipment arrived at my clients office for installationI had qeustioned them about the I-pod they have said in the presentation instead they said because of the over all rating of the companies credit score they can only have the basic equipment. why was that not mentioned in the beggining? also they promise that they will start a 18 month program by November of 2019 and start using a debit card insted of a check to process the loan and none of that is still effective till this day. I was also given a termination letter because of the problems they are facing with my clients. just to show you this company did not even pay me my last commission check. the managers took it instead and they are also calling my other clients that I was working on but told my clients not to go ahead and do it. Just be careful working for this company and watch out for all the hidden fees! Stay away from this company..!

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