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Robert Elmer Foster

Robert Elmer Foster Robert Elmer Foster aka thykingdomcome77 Total misrepresentation, purposely covered up flaws and did not disclose mechanical problems, liar St Cloud Florida!!. In May of 2019 I had seen a listing on eBay for a 1977 Corvette. The sellers eBay user name is thykingdomcome77. His real name is Robert Elmer Foster from St. Cloud Florida. He represented the Corvette as his daily driver and that it was rust free and an excellent driving vehicle. He also represented the vehicle as the owner, which, in fact, he was not. When we decided to purchase the vehicle, a negotiation of price was made based on Robert Elmer Foster’s representation by phone. When the transport arrived in St Cloud, Robert Elmer Foster was not present. Instead, he had his young son, Christian Foster, meet us there. The shipper performed a visual inspection of the vehicle. Granted, he did not have a lift available so we had to trust Robert Elmer Foster’s representation. Robert Elmer Foster was not there to question his misrepresentation.There were several cosmetic flaws and missing parts that were not disclosed previously. The T-Top headliners were missing, the Emergency brake handle and components were missing, right side door handle was broken, power antenna was inoperable and the paint was poor quality. These were items that were cosmetic in nature and not major mechanical issues. Christian Foster contacted Robert Elmer Foster by phone and we negotiated a price to cover some of the cosmetic repairs. The shipper loaded the car and delivered it back to our location. The 1977 Corvette was taken to a repair facility for normal routine service.The car was put on the lift,that is when numerous mechanical problems came to light. After thorough inspection, it was discovered that the rear differential had a broken gear and both rear axles were leaking and the bearings were almost non existent. The rear main seal was leaking and both rear brake backing plates were rusted and temporarily rigged with wire. There is no possible way that this car was a daily driver by Robert Elmer Foster. I attempted to contact him on several occasion, he would not respond. Repairs totalled $3,750. He represented the 1977 Corvette as the owner, which he was not. Robert Elmer Foster is a liar and a fraud. He buys open title vehicles and skips title so as not to have to pay Florida sales tax and leave a paper trail in his name. He claims to be a preacher and hides behind that disclamer as a fair and honest Christian. Far from it, he is crooked, decieving and outright dishonest. BEWARE of ROBERT ELMER FOSTER AND CHRISTIAN FOSTER, aka thykingdomcome77 Liars, thieves and frauds

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