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Robert Childs

I went to childs as I maintain 8 or 9 parking lots that rely in me to get done at a for rate. So I order 1 yd salt 1 yd of sand. I get delivery salt was def. short but fig whatever I need it. No slip.. no signature but guy leaves no knock.. So I go to work… I look at bank that monday they took 313.00 Out saying 130 for salt ton 60 sand salt mix 25 delivery. Was suppose to be 130 ton salt 20 ton of sand 25 delivery There’s 215.00 Reality 175.00 Neither add up to 313 So I call immediately i’m pushed on hold no warning sent to jesse who rudly tells me that what I ordered and what I got. Prob is it’s not what I got. They refuse to honor there mistake even worse try to blame me.. Says i’ll transfer you to kathy and I say great click.. im hung up on… Still out that extra money. My wife speaks to owner of childs and he Makes it a game with multiple office people all playing haha we stole your money and your not getting it back. I recorded not calls. at 1 point says him on and there all laughing like it’s a joke.. Time places like this are hem accountable I work hard 7 days a week just to be broke. Spoiled [censor] like that deserves everything life brings them. it’s obvious ey havent earned 1 thing they own… Child’s have been ripping eachother off since 1800s. I guess they learned to rip other off now. I plan on letting everyone know how they steal your money and thinks it funny. Shame on you guys too bad you have no shame. Erik Valencia

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  1. Devona Lisenby May 25, 2020

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