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Rob Vied Private Eye

Rob Vied Private Eye Leslie Campbell. Leslie Campbell hired Rob Vied to smear her ex husbands name. Falsified Police Reports Scottsdale Arizona!!. Leslie Campbell hired Rob Vied to falsify police reports, Scottsdale police and phoenix police and even influence court judges. Expensive smear campaign against Cary Campbell in custody battle. Even iatrogenic sedation at Maricopa integrated hospital. Leslie Campbell and Rob Vied and each police officer would have felonies put against them but police covering up illegal activity. Over 50 fake incident reports by both Scottsdale and phoenix, and Cary Campbell was not even in city on most. Cary Campbell only charged with DUI in Scottsdale and Phoenix tried to arrest him walking home on disorderly arrest, he spent 5 days in jail and only DUO is only charge convicted, ever. Protection order filed against Cary and he was in hospital where he had the date rape drug overdose ( in drink at his home), and Leslie Campbell filed protection order while he was in hospital and Cary was arrested on way home fro. Hospital and he spent 18 days in jail and fake protection order put on him. He got a protection for a 4 page email, and it was really 45 polite emails back and forth between Leslie and Cary. Fake violations of protection orders written up in Scottsdale nut Cary not in Scottsdale, not a violation and Cary never even called about violation. Cary Campbell was beat up by police o 6-4-14. Fractured skull- screws put in his head, punctured lung, 3 days in hospital after phoenix police from precincts way far away beat him unconscious. When he gets out Phoenix Violent Crimes was attempting to press charges against Cary. Cary never interviewed by anyone. Carts car stolen and police pout him in car and he wakes up on a hospital for 4th time after being put in back of phoenix police car, never arrested. Officers laompke, van zant, in fake charges and attempted murder and officer Watson in Scottsdale placed a clean pipe on Cary after elementary cop calls undercover Scottsdale officer Watson to arrest Cary in phoenix on hour warrant in phoenix for Cary missing court because he was given date rape drug and he missed court in which he was up to date on being behind on support while he was applying for disability and he eventually got. Worse part Cary can’t see his kids and loses custody 5 years later on filed drug test right before trial. Cary had excellent supervised visits and all negative drug test for 5 years and not allowed to see kids. Fake pipe cost him custody on diluted result. In court judge reads her decision before he even goes in court.

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