Rob Lambdin's University Dodge

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Rob Lambdin's University Dodge Review

Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge

I’ve been buying new cars every 2 years since 1984. This was the worst buying experience I have ever had with any dealer. George – the general manager – the receptionists… Mercedes the paper pusher in the back office… Phillip the sales rep… none of them have any customer service skills what-so ever. Chrysler Capital – National Safety (Gap Insurance) company… total rip off. The worst person there… Mr. Van Fleet the finance manager and his unprofessional lazy boss Ceaser. When the owner is unprofessional you simply need to avoid the whole business. The receptionists and sales people won’t even tell you the owners name. I had to research it. With a name like Faisel Ahmed – no wonder he hides in the shadows. I’ll never buy another piece of crap Dodge product in my life. Chevy all the way. The piece of crap truck had an axle recall within a month after I bought it. What a piece of crap. Trying to get it serviced was a nightmare. Ended up going to another dealer who took care of it. George H. The general manager basically ignored all my calls and treated me like crap. George Heimivich… the GM – total loser. The owner Faisel Ahmed… hides from the public. You are a rip off business owner. You hire flunkies and losers to work for you. Your employees are so desperate for work they do whatever you tell them to do in order to rip off customers for fear they will lose their job and be out of work – unable to get hired by anyone else. You are a typical south Florida con man. Go back to whatever country you crawled out of and live like a loser there. Your kind is not welcome in this country.

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