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Roadside Masters

Roadside Masters Denied roadside service twice Coconut Grove FL!!. Denied roadside service twice I have membership for two trucks, I have been denied service twice for reasons that can be explained but Roadside employees do not care or listen. My local driver stopped home for 20 minutes and when he came out of house the truck would not build air past 60 LBS. We called Roadside and they denied because he was at a Residence. The truck was parked on the street but still denied service. I tried to explained to Marco in Dispatch but he kept reciting rule 29 and 30 in hand book. He would not even listen to the reasoning why driver was at home. Rule 29 Requesting covered service from a residence, dealer or repair facility. Rule 30 Requesting covered service if the covered vehicle is broken down next to, or adjacent to, a residence, dealer, truck stop with onsite repair facility. (They covered all the bases to deny any service.) SO.. there are many more rules that they can apply to deny you service. The other time I was denied service was because I tried to fix an air leak and needed an air governor. I called and asked for a roadside mechanic and to bring an air governor. They denied service because I worked on it?? This company has dozens of complaints all over the internet. I have now found a more reputable company to work with. Stay away from this company!!!

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