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16 September 2019

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I took my dog to Riverview Animal Hospital. My appointment was horrible, costly, and prompted an excursion to an emergency veterinarian. I hung tight 45 minutes for my appointment after being told it to be only a couple of minutes when I checked in. When I communicated my worries to the vet, he got awful and concentrated on rationalizing as opposed to tuning in to my worries and dissatisfaction. He made snarky, amateurish remarks like “I would LOVE for my medical checkups to begin on schedule.” When I disclosed to him I didn’t value his tone, he got frantic at me and said he wasn’t going to treat my dog even though I had held up 45 minutes. I must be the one to state “How about we begin once again” before he would consent to look at my dog. I ought to have exited like my gut guided me to do. But I had held up so long, I needed something beneficial to occur after my stay.
While his staff attempted their best to not comprehend, I won’t return and will advise everybody I know to stay away. Try not to get distraught at the customers who pay you money and don’t disclose to me it’ll be a couple of minutes when it’ll be 45. The veterinarian on obligation wouldn’t take a look at his past vet’s record, at that point misdiagnosed an ear issue and recommended antibiotics (rather than anti-fungal) that could have made another medical problem of his already bad condition. This is in addition to controlling a Rabies inoculation inaccurately, which in the end prompted the crisis vet visit. My dog had a terrible and alarmingly serious response to the Rabies shot, and they instructed me to simply take him home (he was in evident misery). He deteriorated, so we surged him back, the vet was in a hurry and quickly responded, “This dog is so wiped out and old, I would prefer not to treat him.” His actions were unimaginable and coldhearted. I can genuinely say spare yourself and your pet from the inconvenience. My dog was wiped out and I took him there. I was in the backstay with him and the vet was simply jabbing him with needles not disclosing to me what he was doing or anything going on. I wound up paying over a hundred dollars to no end. His condition was deteriorating and I was hysterical and crying uncontrollably calling my mom every second and updating her. She told me to immediately take him out of this shitty hospital. It was a shocking background. I decided to sue these heartless people but my lawyer suggested it would be a waste of time. I finally pondered to take him to another vet. These people are monsters, not humans. The staff was neither knowledgeable nor courteous. They do not know how to take care of animals, better they shut down this hospital or maybe others should boycott going there!

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