Riverton Health and Fitness Center

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Riverton Health and Fitness Center

Riverton Health and Fitness Center, Riverton Health and Fitness Gym, Poor Service, Poor Management and Made to Feel Extremely Uncomfortable Riverton NJ New Jersey!!. Due to its proximity to my home, I was a patron of this gym for about 2 years and I DO NOT recommend it. For the outrageous monthly cost of $42.50 this place should have been fully operational, professionally run, and clean, but, quite frankly, it was none of these. For example, there were always high-traffic machines in the facility that did not work properly or simply not at all. Many of these presented a danger to those working out. Numerous times I brought this to management’s attention, which fell on deaf ears. During the summer months, management refused to turn on the air conditioning as a cost-saving measure, which made working-out very unpleasant, not just due to the heat, but also the smell from other patrons. The classes were satisfactory in the beginning, but they eventually became stale due to lack of interest from the instructors and the owner. The area where the classes were held was always filthy and there was a conversation after a class about a fellow female classmate who had contracted ringworm from an unclean mat. Part of the membership fees included tanning, however only 2 of the 4 sunbeds actually worked, which often prevented customers from being able to use them, as they were frequently in-use. Finally, one of the trainers made me feel extremely uncomfortable. On too many occasions I would find him standing above the treadmills, staring at me as I ran, and other times, invading my personal space by hovering over me while I was weight-training. Suffice to say, I no longer attend this gym and you could not pay me to ever go back. #RivertonHealthandFitnessCenter #RH&FC #JohnHeller #MikeColangelo #MikeColangeloFitness #BodySculptingbyMike

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