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Distastrous experience! Avoid them!!!

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12 September 2019

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My experience at Riverside Grooming was a disaster, on the whole, never giving it a chance again. Sundays are always relaxing me-time days for me and my, cutest breed out there – toy poodle, Lousie. We thought to hit the road for some Louise’s weekly grooming session. This time after hearing a lot about Riverside Grooming club as it has been the talk of the town, I decided to give Louise a new experience. As we entered the place, at first sight, gave really good welcoming vibes but my instinct was wrong, this all was just up to the Reception desk. Talking about it honestly, I was given an exceptional protocol. I was shown a list of services they offered and was given to choose what I would like for my pup. The blonde-haired girl, Sasha kept assisting me how the services went on and in a span of about 2 minutes I was all-ready with I wanted. I hurriedly cleared all the dues as Lousie was getting grumpy. With being full excited I was ready to see how they deal my pet and secretly hoped the effort was all worth it for her. I followed the assistant in the hallway with Lousie in my arm and that’s when the bad time started for me. The environment was really stinky with animal hair all around the floor. It felt like the reception area and this place was two different worlds. Without bringing my feelings on the face I gave patted Lousie to make her feel relaxed as she was getting anxious. The services I chose for her included a Microbubbles – Deep Skin Cleaning & a hot bath to be followed by this. After a good 2-minute walk in the hallway which looked like never-ending, we entered a room which had a tub and some machines for the treatment. The floor was pretty slippery with mud all around and looked as if it wasn’t wiped since ages. The overall interior of the room was very shabby. The girls sitting there showed no enthusiasm and looked like had been forced to sit here and stare in the visitor’s faces. The girl that walked me here asked me to put the dog in the tub which sounded to unprofessional as pets need to be handled with extreme love and care. Lousie started to press her ears against her head and tucked her tail tightly against her body. Within a second I was sure she is feeling scared but still, the assistant, who was named as Paul (heard the other girl calling her as she wasn’t even trained to introduce her) kept insisting on putting the dog in the tub. I got pretty pissed off and didn’t give an ear to what she said. As soon as I had a glance in the tub I was in a state of utter shock. There was algae all around and I could see the plastic wearing out. I was too disappointed and felt guilty for not checking the state of the club before. I decided that very moment to leave and just uttered: “Hey sorry but the condition is not up to mark and I can’t stay any longer”. Without hearing what she said next I just rushed out. I’m never returning.

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