Riverbend Movers

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Riverbend Movers | Movers-overcharge and wont return calls or emails

This is a horrible horrible company that completely and totally ruined what should have been a happy day of moving into my new home. first they do most communication on email, they said they would call me with their time of arrival a few days prior which they didnt and I was panicking as to when my movers were coming. When they did arrive my husband had to help them move the items and they refused to take others-they refused to take my baby’s exersaucer for christ’s sake but had no problem taking a very large box full of baby bedding which weighed a little more than a pillow. they also didnt take any of the tv’s including one that was still in the box-did I mention it was a walt disney princess tv set that weighs less than my baby! To boot it took them over an hour to get to my house which is only 20mins away max if you hit all the lights and have crazy traffic. however my husband packed a load in our suv and was at our house and unpacked the load before they even showed up which ended up being over an hour and half later. they unloaded in less than 20 mins after finishing their coffees and cigarettes of course then demanded payment before leaving for a half a day’s work-300 dollars. when I phoned the contact guy wayne twice-HE NEVER CALLED BACK OR RETURNED ANY EMAILS. I have reported them-IF YOU ARE MOVING DO NOT USE THEM, THEY EVEN OFFER A DISCOUNT THROUGH A CENTURY 21 BROKER-THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH CROOKS. GET SOMEONE ELSE!!! AND ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME WITH PEACE OF MIND!!

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