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RiteWay Auto Sales

RiteWay Auto Sales Salesperson/dealer took total advantage of & mislead 1st time 19 yr old buyer Livonia Michigan!!. I am filing a complaint on behalf of my 19 yr old granddaughter who lives with me. She was totally mislead/hoodwinked into purchasing & financing a 2018 Chev Cruze by salesperson, Stacey Sperna and this dealer’s finance dept. They totally took full advantage of her naivety ( lack of financial experience, wisdom) after a so called friend of hers told her that this dealer would give her a great deal on a vehicle. They not only ripped her off on the cost of a used 2018 high mileage vehicle with 58,000 miles but financed her at a loan shark rate of 25%, fully knowing that she was young, naive with total lack of knowledge & understanding of what she was doing & could feasibly afford. According to my granddaughter, it was her understanding that she was leasing a vehicle & not financing one for the total cost of $33.312.00!!!! What kind of a dealership/salesperson would hoodwink a young buyer into that type of an outrageous contract that she couldn’t afford??? We’ve called the dealership many times to ask for the manager, only to be given a very difficult time by the receptionist about giving us a name. Or each time, we’ve been told that the manager was not there or available oor on a phone call. My granddaughter didn’t want to involve me to stress me out and tried to handle this on her own, but to no avail. My granddaughter claims that she called the finance company to voice her complaint and they said they would look into it and get back to her. Today I finally spoke to the manager – Kimmie Bynam. She was immensely unreceptive, rude, argumentative, and would barely allow me to get a word in edgewise. I asked her to take the car back and she refused, absolutely not! My granddaughter can not afford this vehicle! She was totally misguided by this very sales hungry, greedy, shady dealership! I’m outraged! This dealership is very unscrupulous! It’s apparent that all they’re concerned about is making a healthy buck and could care less about whom they hurt financially! This is going to financially devastate my young granddaughter.

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