Rita Mungioli of BCB Bank

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Rita Mungioli of BCB Bank

Rita Mungioli of BCB Bank Attorney Rita Mungioli in collusion with BCB Bank are stealing $200,000 plus from me Bayonne New Jersey!!. Attorney Rita Mungioli, whom works for BCB Bank intentionally ordered an exterior appraisal of my home from the street, which listed my home as two bedrooms and one bath, when in fact it is a 4 bedroom 8 bath home with approximately 5,000 square feet. Rita Mungioli purposely used a bank appraiser to make the home appear to be worth far less so they could forclose on the home and in return, capitalize on the tremendous equity. Rita Mungioli signed off on paperwork stating she is subject to prosecution if anything she stated or attested to was false. She clearly broke many banking laws and should be disciplined and/or disbared for her fraudulent actions. BCB Bank should also be fined and forced to pay punitive damages.

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