Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square

A big ripoff!!!

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18 September 2019

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Unfortunately, I had to rant about this one as this was the worst experience of my life. You all must consider this an exaggeration but if Ripley was alive today he would have been astonished to see where his name is being used. The place was full of pathetic experiences. I still don’t understand the reason why this place was developed. All the reviews about this place were paid for sure because in real life the place was nothing close to what was reviewed. The bad time started as soon as I stepped in there. I planned to go there for a historic experience but I regretted it earlier. The first picture I saw was a little bit boring which was from one of Ripley’s collections. Moving forward I expected to see different pictures too but was surprised to see just Ripley’s work. Come on they should have had some different collections but no. Imagine the whole museum was full of Ripley’s collection. Who was Ripley? Was he a prime minister? Was he a scientist? Was he a public servant? He wasn’t a much famous personality. Then why they decorated the whole place with Ripley’s collection. They also showed some craps which weren’t a part of Ripley’s collection but they mentioned it his collection. They were lairs and I didn’t want to stay here any further. They were just running a fake business and I was shocked with the confidence they had. The place was portrayed as high-rated which wasn’t true.
They just wanted to earn money not the interest of people. I saw reactions of most people and it was like they came to see a third class standup comedy show. Most people dislike this place. And those who like this place and gave good reviews about it are employees of this place or friends and relatives of those employees. This place is only an empty plot. Nothing is interesting here. The government should make any other building on this land so that it will get some profit. But this place is running on loss. So that’s why their authority and management don’t even care about anything related to it. Why we waste our money on it? It’s not our taste. Neither its price belongs to its ratings nor its structure. So I recommend all of you go wherever you want to go but don’t come to this place and to waste your time and money. I got a very bad experience from it and I don’t want all of you to have it like me. But if you have enough free time which you don’t know how to spend or you are craziest and fool fan of this place then you can come here anytime and burn your money. Boycott this place as soon as possible. Thank you!

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