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Rijo42 Ingredients

I was misold a lease for a coffee machine that I asked to just rent in front of witnesses. Fat Boy Shaun filled out the forms after I had signed them. Even spelling the business name and my home address wrong. Also our trading position and years of trading. apparently after talking to several others who have been duped by him this is what he does all the time. One guy agreed to 6 months and he changed it to 60 months.After speaking to Trading Standards (said they had received a dozen complaints within a couple of weeks) and Financial Ombudsman (who told me I had to wait 10 weeks for a reply, which turned out to be too late to prosecute) Mr G heenan knows exactly what he”s doing!! I got no where so Andrew Donn did a piece for me to warn other hairdressers not to use this company. Also Cf Asset who we got the lease off said they had never had a complaint about him before, but I”ve since found out they won”t give him any more business because of the complaints.


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